I explore creativity, combining manual and digital techniques to approach projects instinctively. Versatility across multidisciplinar fields allows me to tackle diverse challenges.

With an international perspective, I adapt each concept to different contexts, ensuring global resonance.


Since 2014, I merge graphic design and visual arts to craft meaningful images or graphics.

Influenced by fashion and interior design, my work reflects a primary motivation to convey poetic and emotional messages, connecting with nature, equality, identity, and the beauty of the everyday.

As a communication designer, I provide strategic guidance in design and communication. Collaborating closely to understand unique needs, I solve communication challenges. My global perspective facilitates adaptation to various frameworks. Analying brands and developing strategies aligned with business objectives and target audience, I collaborate with individuals, companies, and organizations. Furthermore, I refine messaging, evaluate strategies and craft compelling visual content.
· Born in Munich
1993 to 2008
· German School Seville, Munich & Berlin
2008 to 2011
CEADE Design School, Seville
· Fashion Design and Business Management degree
2011 to 2017
Residenz Theater; Stylebop, Munich
· Fashion apparel
2014 to 2017
Design School, Munich
· Communication Design degree
Middlesex University, London
· M.A. Graphic Design
TNA Design Studio x Tomoko Azumi, London
· Communication Design
2021 to 2023
Graphenstone, Seville
· Brand, Communication and Marketing Management
2021 to 2024
EL Schmid Designer & Producer, Seville
· Communication Design and Product Development
Since 2014
Yaiza Schmid Studio

©2014 Yaiza Schmid
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